Romeo + Juliet, 

The Remix

Directed by

Dan Beaulieu

Produced by

Prescott Park Arts Festival

July - August 2013

Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH


Romeo + Juliet renewed and refreshed for Prescott Park  Portsmouth Herald, Spotlight Magazine feature


Re-mixed version of the tale of tragic star-crossed lovers  Foster's Daily Democrat feature


"...excellent direction, not to mention a heavy touch of modernization that completely worked, bringing this tragic love story right off the stage and, literally, into the of the best afternoons I've had all summer."  Portsmouth Patch independent review 


"A rich bounty of wonderful elements and moments are woven into this interpretation of 'Romeo and Juliet.' It's an innovative vision, the sort of stretch and risk-taking that defines art."  Portsmouth Herald, Spotlight Magazine review


"Beaulieu weaves script, music and dance into a singular fabric while turning an adroit eye toward personalities, making characters truly human."  Portsmouth Herald, Spotlight Magazine review


"'Romeo and Juliet' offers a smart vision coupled with impressive talent set along the riverside. It is yet another wonderful reason to spend time at the park this summer."  Portsmouth Herald, Spotlight Magazine review


"Igor Stravinsky was about to start a new ballet. But instead of starting completely from scratch, he pulled out some of his favourite manuscripts, got out a red pen, and started correcting some of these manuscripts as though it was his own. And he borrowed baselines and melodies from the famous works, but he composed his own rhythms and harmonies under that work. And when the ballet came out, the critics were outraged. They said, 'How dare you do this to the Classics?! Leave the Classics alone!'


And you know Stravinsky’s reply?


He said...'You respect, but I love‘”- Austin Kleon


Romeo & Juliet is ultimately a play about the transcendental power of Love, a power we may not fully grasp in the micro but is operating on a macrolevel which is not always readily visible to us. In a world mired in hate, judgment and instant gratification we are asked...or demanded take a breath and reevaluate the seeds of hate that burn within us, weed these things rank and gross out & from such a weeded garden Love can sow a seed of Hope.


much Love 
much Light