Peter Pan

Directed by

Dan Beaulieu

Produced by

Prescott Park Arts Festival

June - August 2015

Portsmouth, NH



"[Peter Pan] will prove a great family outing. It's colorful, happy, and the leads are terrific." ~Jeanne McCartin, EDGE Magazine

"...flies with style." ~Jeanne McCartin, EDGE Magazine

“So, once again, it's time to pack the picnic and head to the river's edge for theater under the stars." ~Jeanne McCartin, EDGE Magazine


Peter Pan is ostensibly a story about a band of people rebelling against the constructs of time and wishing they could slow it down...from the tardy Darlings to“the boy who won’t grow up” to the ferocious Captain being chased quite literally by a ticking “clock-adile”. How easy is it to empathize with this desire while sitting under the summer sun in beautiful Prescott Park surrounded by loved ones and strangers alike.


When I first found out I would be working on this project I was staring at what seemed like nine feet of winter snow. A starlit summer night was indeed a “distant melody” and yet somehow here we are. The clock has turned. The seasons have changed. The sad reality is it will continue to do so. I encourage you to embrace these moments...the moments that will stay with us and sustain us when the weather forecast calls for yet another blizzard or when a loved one leaves us or when the alarm clock goes off and lets us know it’s time to go to work.


There is magic in every day. There is magic indeed in every moment. Find it before

time runs out.



From an adaptation of Peter Pan by Regis Loisel:

“I don’t want to grow up! Never! Never!”

“Then keep away from ‘The Great Devourer’”

“’The Great Devourer’?”

“Time, my boy. Time. He wants something, he takes it, swallows it. Everything ends up belonging to him...even the little box buried at the bottom of your heart. Imagine a little box that contains only a single piece of candy...a fabulous little candy that would taste like a dream, flavored with adventure and wrapped in imagination! But Time is merciless and tenacious-- -it knows patience! It worries the box and tosses it about every which way...the candy bounces around and falls out! Then ‘The Great Devourer’ takes it away, There. Time has passed. The box is still there, but the fabulous content is gone. Inside, the old wrapper...yellowed with age...lies alone, remembering with a faint smile having shared the most wonderful story with his friends...that of having once been a child. That may be the purpose of

growing old...remembering that you were once a child.”