Directed by

Dan Beaulieu



American-originated premiere

Produced by

Seven Stages Shakespeare Company

October 2016

ACT ONE, Portsmouth, NH

Being Shakespeare
Being Shakespeare
Being Shakespeare
Being Shakespeare
Being Shakespeare


“'Being Shakespeare"'is an outstanding work of art. Whether a fan of the Bard or not, it's a captivating piece and Colodner's delicious performance is not to be missed." ~Jeanne McCartin, EDGE Magazine 

"It's easy to think of Shakespeare as a marble bust. But, if you want someone to walk you through an emotional lesson about who Shakespeare was, what made him tick, his fears, and his loves, go see this show!" ~Audience Member

"'Being Shakespeare' is a one-man show, or perhaps a sole actor's Iron Man competition. Joel Colodner proves himself a champion," ~Jeanne McCartin, EDGE Magazine


My deerest William,


You wouldn’t beleeue the things that haue been said about you. From the Scholars who debate your uery existence to the countless Humans who haue your Insights foreuer inked on their bodies, the spectrum of Lifelong Deuotees to Jaded Cynics would leaue euen you at a loss for Words.


I haue done my best (and will continue to striue to doo my best) to tell your stories. I apologize if it offends you, as some people speculate it would, but I cannot belieue you would want me simply copying the work that has come before. Not once in your Glorious career did you rob Wholesale from another author. You frequently put your own Spin on things or changed bits to suit the needs that you were after. In doing the same to your work, I seek to Emulate you, my Mentor.


‘Tis my greatest wish to dine with you and my dear friend Joel Colodner. I trust you would Loue him as much as I do- for his Knowledge, Commitment and shared Passion for you and your work. I’ue no doubt the conuersation would be Fulfilling and the memory unforgettable.


I shall do my best to sue to know you better. I trust as I age you will haue more and more Aduice for me and I promise you I will continue to try my hardest to share that aduice with others. What more can I do? What is your Will?


I haue to get back to work now, but I will write again soon. In the meantime, I shall hold you (as euer) in my Mind, in my Words and in my Heart. I loue thee best, my deerest friend, oh Most best. Beleeue it.


Thine euermore, most deere William, whilst this Machine is to him,



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