"...we will draw the curtain and show you the picture."

A select collection of video and photos from Dan's work



"LEAR is exquisitely crafted theatre which tackles daunting subjects.  It promises no solutions, but it does, in its own way, get you closer to answering some of the big questions with which we humans grapple. It's a production of unparalleled bravery, and its director, cast and crew do right by it.   See it."

"'What you Will, (or twelfth night)' is as it should be, an astute reshaping of a classic play exquisitely realized. This artful production is a breath of fresh air, not to be missed"  

"A rich bounty of wonderful elements and moments are woven into this interpretation of 'Romeo and Juliet'. It's an innovative vision, the sort of stretch and risk-taking that defines art."